Selling internationally to various countries at various prices

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We have customers in 5 different countries, and we sell the same merchandise at different prices at all the different countries. Also we have different payment gateways for international sales to every country and different ones for india. 

We would like to know, how can we manage a smooth customer user interface where, the customer faces just one site, and based on their location they can view the prices of the product ( which could be higher or lower based on their location), and at the same time when they change the country to ship, the prices to change at the checkout , based on the price for that product determined for that particular country. 

Similarly, when the customer selects a country, a payment gateway assigned for that particular country to be made active/visible, therefore to ensure that the payments are smooth and efficient for our business as well. 


While doing all this we would like to maintain just one customer database, not several, therefore giving the customers a smooth interface of not having to keep creating different accounts for every location they want to ship to..

Can you recommend apps / solutions where this can be done?

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I'm trying to set up the same thing!