Share icon disruption after translation (Debutify theme)

Share icon disruption after translation (Debutify theme)

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Hi there. I have a problem with appearance of the Share icon after transltion from english to slovak. 

Originally it look like this:


After translation via the Translate & Adapt app the result is like this: 


I checked the text translation in the Theme default settings. No strange characters there, only the text "Zdieľajte..." 


Similarly by the checkout icon. Originally:




Not every icon is disrupted on the page. But these ones are very anoying. 


Thanks for the efforts. 



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Hello @Anton1313 


Thanks for the contacting the Shopify community. I can understand that this issue are annoying. Did you search for the text in the app? It is possible that the app are translating the texts along with the icons. Thus they are distorted.  Would it be possible you can provide the access for the store. So I can check it for you?



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