Shipping Zones not populating prices at checkout

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I have my shipping zones set as per follows: Canada, USA, Rest of World 
I have a preferred box 18x18x18 @ 450G 

Vendor set up as UPS or Canada Post 

Only some of my US / International clients are able to order - it appears to be random. One person can purchase in Florida but the other cannot. 

When I go to abandoned check outs and click on the order you can see freight did no populate once they advanced to the shipment screen. 

Several customers have emailed stating that is says "we do not ship to this region" 


Any recommendations or places you think i should look? 



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Hi @soluk 

Can you answer the following questions for further detail about your shipping setup?

  1. Do you have more than one inventory location? If so, do you have the same shipping zones assigned to EVERY source location?
  2. Do you have more than one shipping profile? If so, do you have the same zones set up in EACH shipping profile (again, for EVERY source location if you have more than 1)?