Shipping Zones/Rates when only looking to rely on Draft Orders to Certain Countries

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We require the use of the draft order system in Shopify for a portion of our sales (custom items). Shopify currently will not allow a draft order to be completed via the link in the email for draft orders sent to customers (for online checkout) unless there is a shipping zone/rate listed for that country. We do not wish to allow customers to checkout in these certain countries without first interacting with our staff for a custom shipping rate (large oversized goods). 

My question is how can we achieve full use of draft order functionality and not show a rate at checkout for customers in those countries that fall under this "draft order only" designation. 

The best "workaround" I can dream up is attached. We essentially created a "call us for rate" rate and then make it astronomically expensive. This is unprofessional and I know there must be a better method for doing this. Our customers generally are put off by this because it is confusing. 

How can we do a better job with it. Ideally, it would simply show a "contact us for a custom shipping rate" and not show a value for rate and not allow checkout. But, disabling the country disables draft order checkout.

Any advice is appreciated!

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