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Hi! my warehouse is in mexico So I will be shipping from mexico to the US I am not sure how to do that or find local couriers, can someone please help me?

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Greetings @AliseBeauty ,


Unfortunately, Shopify Shipping is currently unavailable for deliveries from Mexico.


To facilitate shipping, you'll need to identify a suitable shipping company based on factors such as the nature of your product, cost considerations, and the specific regions you intend to cover.


For shipments from Mexico to the USA, reputable companies like FedEx and UPS offer discounted rates, particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized business owners. You need to contact them to create an account. Once your account is set up, you can create shipment labels directly from their websites.


After completing the shipment, manually input the tracking number into the Shopify order fulfillment system. This ensures that the buyer receives timely notifications regarding the shipment status, along with the assigned tracking number.


As your order volume increases, consider exploring an app to automate the shipment processing directly from your store.

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