Shopify Checkout on a Squarespace site?

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Are there any good examples of how to combine Squarespace with a Shopify checkout? The main reason is to have more options in terms of Pay Later solutions as Sqrsp do not include Klarna, for example. WIsh to know on behalf of customers who requires this solution. Thnx! 

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Hi @Companerofred ,

Previously, some merchants have used the Shopify Buy Button ( for integrations with SquareSpace, and once customers can get to Shopify checkout, Klarna can be an alternative payment method within Shopify checkout. 

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yes it is, please visit Fixcydia

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I have similar issue. Shopify content pages are so bad, client wants to move entire front-end to Squarespace and just implement Buy Button.

Partner support about as useful as a chocolate fireguard.


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So far, it seems that there is no way to combine the two.