Shopify Markets - No translated product descriptions?

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Hi! I saw I was added to the beta program (or markets is live now) and I must say that I expected more. I am on a basic Shopify plan and I use Shopify as my 'backend' and running a custom storefront (Gatsby(React)). I wanted to go international with my store so I was happy to see it was easier to manage custom domains for each country. But right now I see there isn't any possibility to set the product information for each country/language. 


Will this be something which will be available when Shopify Markets is released? Or do we need a Shopify Advanced plan for this? Because I do read the following, but I am not sure what these custom catalogues will do..


Additional features for Advanced/Plus plans:

  • Collect duty and import taxes at checkout
  • Set custom pricing for each market with Shopify Payments
  • Customise catalogues and storefronts for each market
  • Manage fulfillment locations per market
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