Shopify multi currency/ regional price adjustment. Rest of World Function?

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I am currently running two websites. One for my local audience in Canada in CAD and the other in USD for the states and international. I have been testing to see if Shopify's multi region pricing function could work to consolidate to one site so I have been running some tests but running into an issue. Is there a way to set a price adjust meant for "Rest of world" or something similar to the shipping regions?


On my CAD site I created a USD currency rule that sets the exchange rate from CAD to USD manually at 0.8 and then a price adjustment that increases the price by 11% which puts everything at around my current US & International pricing.


It works perfectly when I do a test from the US. When I do a test from any other country they can choose CAD or USD and the price increase is not applied as they are not in the states and not affected by that rule. I would like to have that rule applied to everyone outside of Canada but can't create currency rules for every country. Any suggestions welcome!

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