Shopify Payments, VAT/ST/GST collection and remittance

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I'm setting up a Shopify store to sell software online globally from Sweden. The software is a one-time download that does not require subscription and is not accessed via cloud services, hence no SaaS.

I'm evaluating different payment methods and, since it's a one person business that I have in my spare time, I'm prioritising: 

  1. Services that allow me to not worry about sales taxes, VAT, GST and filling tax returns in different countries. 
  2. Easy integration with Shopify. 

Doing some research online I came across these 3 solution 

  1. Shopify payments: of course trivial to integrate into Shopify. I can't find any information about VAT/ST/GST collection and remittance online. I tried to contact Shopify's support but they were purposely not clear at all about this matter. 
  2. FastSpring: seems to be the perfect candidate for what I need. Of course there is no easy integration with Shopify since it's not listed as payment method in the list of the available ones. 
  3. 2Checkout/Verifone: seems to be a good compromise since, as far as I understood, it can calculate and remit taxes and it's listed in the Shopify payment methods for easy integration. 

Can anyone share some light on this matter? How do you handle global sales and payment methods to avoid the hassle of tracking, collecting, reporting and remitting VAT/ST/GST in many different countries? Maybe Shopify is not the best solution since the tools to sell digital products, software specifically, are very limited and painful to use?

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