Shopify Store Currency Dilemma - CAD vs. USD Billing

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Hello everyone, my Shopify store is based in Canada, but all billing and charges are in US dollars. Would it be better to set my store in US dollars instead of Canadian dollars, and how should I handle the accounting in that case? Your insights are greatly appreciated.

So I just found out that all this time for the last 3 years, Shopify has been charging me in US dollars regardless that I set my store to be billed in Canadian dollars, I complain to Shopify and this is their answer: I have received a response from the Billing team, and they have mentioned that they will not issue a refund for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it does not align with the criteria specified in our refund and credit policy. Secondly, local billing for merchants in Canada was only made available in August 2022, which is less than 3 years ago. They have informed me that I will be billed in CAD going forward.


Can you imagine the sheer lack of accountability from Shopify?😳

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