Showing a shipping discount in cart

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We offer a discounted shipping rate for all of our international customers. To do this, we've set up a -$10 handling fee for all international countries.

Problem is....our customers have no idea that they're receiving this discount during checkout. We have a top banner set up saying we're offering "discounted international shipping," but there's no "proof" anywhere for them to see this.

Is there a way for us to show this somewhere in cart???



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Compare offer $10 shipping discount, free shipping is better to invoke them make faster purchase decision. All you need to do is to estimate the shipping cost for the products shipping worldwide, then make a free shipping strategy, for example, if you are selling children toys under 0.5kg, shipping cost from China to worldwide countries might be around $10, if the product sell 24.99 usd, you can make free shipping service for 2 items at 59.99 usd, isnt it better choice? - Chinese dropshipping agent - reliable sourcing agent