Sub directories versus sub domains for international. What is the better option and how do I do it??

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I have spent the last 12 hours researching the limitations of Shopify and how i can setup sub directories to achieve a setup for my international store.

I come from a background of SEO, so naturally I am trying to setup a sub folder structure versus a subdomain structure. Although people will argue that it does not have an impact, from my experience a sub folder structure will outperform a subdomain structure all day, every day.

I read that Shopify is releasing sub folders and making it easier, but haven't found or read anything tangible after that which dates back to 2019.

I need your help, can someone please tell me the limitations of sub domains or whether I am better off paying a developer to code a sub folder structure for my international website. Here is what I need to achieve:


.com (will be USA) and the main website

.com/nz     or (New Zealand)

.com/au     or (Australia)


I don't need multi language.

I am not interested in using TLD and having to build domain authority across three different locations, so that's out for me.

I do need multi currency (three currencies)

I want to be able to control the prices on all iterations so the price in each country is not random like $132.79 but is rounded. I assume I can control this by doing a manual conversion from US to NZ with a % rule, then rounding the number off? I will then take the hit if there is currency fluctuation but this sounds like the only way to do it for now with no manual control?

I want to have specific content on each websites home page iteration to localise it for SEO (and a category page)

I know how to geo route someone based on I.P so that's no issue.


Sub domains:

- If I go down this route, does this mean:

- 3 x shopify accounts and fees?

- 3 x lots of APPS?

- 3 x Klaviyo setup? etc

I assume that's what these guys did:


Sub folder:

This is the same website, I pay one fee, one lot of apps, I can keep my marketing tech stack to 1 login?

Are there limitations with setting this up?

I tested langify which created a sub directory version of my website. This would have been perfect however I do not need multiple languages and had no control around the drop down/countries. All of my countries are english speaking.


I need to make a decision but I'm nervous to make the wrong one. If anyone has any information on anything I've discussed here, I appreciate you!

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I am in a similar situation to you, and also come from an SEO background.

I recently posted this, and haven't had any replies yet:

Just wondered if you had come to a decision yet or found any more information on this?

Much appreciated!


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Hey, I work on global commerce at Shopify. We are looking in to adding support for subfolders for selling internationally. I don't have a timeline to share at the moment. Right now, we support setting up international domains within a single store. Each domain can have its own currency and language. You can learn more about this here



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I'm also looking to create sub directories - totally agree with you on the SEO impact, but I need multiple languages and currencies. Did you find a solution please? 




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No, I came to the conclusion it’s not possible. I have to use sub domain
and have multiple versions of the website which means multiple shopify and
app costs. Might look at another platform
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Is there any update on the usage of subfolders for international e-commerce? Subfolders for international SEO will dominate unique ccTLDs or subdomains.


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@rohitmishra Any news on using subfolders for selling internationally?

It would really be useful!



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Seems it is eventually possible with Shopify Markets! Whooop!