The EU-UK IOSS is too costly for small businesses

The EU-UK IOSS is too costly for small businesses

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To get round the IOSS debacle for small businesses in the UK, our business has decided we will no longer accept order totals less than £150 from EU countries.

To do this we need to be able to look at order total and the country being sent to at checkout time. I see apps integrated with Wholesale channel that can handle the order total, but we need for Retail, and we also need to be able to check order destination.

Anyone else thought along these lines?

Anyone have an app that do what we want for Retail?

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Maybe you should be looking at this thread? 

Having said that, it won't advance your cause any further, just make you better informed about the fact that the platform we operate on and pay for really doesn't give a s...

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Crossborder it has an app and along with the Shopify calculator can really streamline the IOSS process.  Look at us in the APP Store.