'translate & adapt' app: non-matching domains in merchant center

'translate & adapt' app: non-matching domains in merchant center

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A small question regarding Shopify. We use a translation app called 'translate & adapt'. In addition, we also use Channable to send the Shopify feed to Google Merchant Center.


However, we are encountering a problem and we receive the following feedback from the merchant center: "non-matching domains". The main website is in English, and we want to advertise on the Dutch market through Google ads. In the feed, I see that for some reason we use the English URL, which is causing this problem.


I think it has to do with the translation app 'translate & adapt'. Does anyone know how I can resolve this issue, so that it sends the Dutch URLs to the merchant center?"


Thanks in advance! 

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If the URL in the data feed is wrong, then this is a data feed issue.


For example my favorit data feed app is https://apps.shopify.com/multiple-google-shopping-feeds

Here you can let the app choose which URL, and usually detects this automatically when choosing a different currency or language.


But it also allows you to manually set the URL, if you absolutely need to change it.


By this logic, I would assume Channable works the same, I recommend you reach out to channalbe to make sure the URLs are correct.

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