Translate & Adapt works normally but export not working

Translate & Adapt works normally but export not working

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Hi everybody,


I have hundreds lines translations using Translate & Adapt.  Can import and export normally while I test some entries before mass entering rest of the works.  However, when I also finish manfully input all translations in it two weeks later, my internet line drops once and it display 'content not save' or similar word, but it disappears after I refresh the browser. 

However, I can do not received my translation export e-mail anymore (theme export e-mail works).

The website is up and the translation works well.  But I just cannot get back up form it.

How to trace the error, will API able to access logs to see what happen ?

Many Thanks !

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Hi @Anonymous sorry it's taken a while to get to this. Are you still having this issue? 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi @richbrown_staff , Thank you for asking, the case is due to email problem,
not the apps.