Translate and Adapt with App Blocks (Seal Subscriptions)

Translate and Adapt with App Blocks (Seal Subscriptions)

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I am using the Seal translation App which allows me to add an App Block to my landing page:




I would like to translate the dropdown box options a customer selects that specifies their subscription type.

This appears very possible and straight forward per:



"The only exception are the texts that you set up in the auto-charging subscription rules. These can be easily translated with Shopify's free "Shopify Translate & Adapt" app ("


Anyone have experience doing this? I am unable to find these text options on the Shopify Translate & Adapt App. Is it possible?



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We've experienced the same issue. We tried translating directly in the translation files by downloading and uploading again but still doesn't work. Seems like either Seal doesn't display the translation or Shopify fails to do so. We've raised a ticket with the Shopify Plus team.

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I'm Max - a support representative at Seal Subscriptions.


Since I'm not sure at which point the problem arised, I'm pasting the full guide on translating Seal Subscriptions using Shopify Translate & Adapt here:


IMPORTANT: Before you begin the translation process, make sure you manually install the widget in your store. You can find a guide on doing so here.


  • Open Shopify Admin.
  • Go to Settings > Languages and click on “Add a Language”.
  • Next, click on export and you will receive a .CSV file via email.
  • Open the .CSV file in your desired spreadsheet editor.
  • Find the “SELLING_PLAN” sections and start editing the text on the right side to your desired language. (Enter the translated text in the red highlighted column)


  • Save and import it back into your Shopify store, by going into: Shopify Admin > Settings > Languages > Import.
  • That's it, you have successfully translated our widget!

This should clear things up! I am available, should you need any further help. 🙂

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