Translated content of the meta field is not displayed on the website

Translated content of the meta field is not displayed on the website

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I hope someone in the community can help me. I'm setting up my shop (it's not published yet) and I noticed that when translating to German, a meta field isn't being translated correctly. The original language of the shop is English and I did the translation into German with the "Translate & Adapt" app. Now the meta field is correctly translated in the translation app. However, exactly this translation is not displayed on my website, only another German word. It is always the same word for all products that are in the shop. Attached are pictures for better understanding. Can someone please help me and tell me why the correct content of my translation is not displayed? Thanks in advance for your support!

Cheers, Tine

English Translation.png

German Translation.png

Screen Shot 2023-06-09 at 17.35.46.png

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Hi @TineVG DM me with your store details and i can try to have a look at it

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Hello @TineVG ,


If the translation of a meta field is not displaying correctly on your website after using the "Translate & Adapt" app, there are a few potential reasons for this issue. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the problem:

  • Check the translated meta field in the app: Double-check the translation in the "Translate & Adapt" app to ensure that the meta field has been translated correctly and saved properly.
  • Verify the meta field usage in your theme: Locate the section or template file where the meta field is being used in your theme. It could be in a product grid, product page, or any other relevant section. Review the code to ensure that the correct meta field is being called and displayed.
  • Clear Shopify's cache: Sometimes, caching can cause outdated translations to persist. Clear Shopify's cache by going to "Settings" > "Files" and clicking on "Clear cache" to ensure that the latest translations are fetched.
  • Check for conflicting translations: If you have multiple translation apps or language-related apps installed, there may be conflicts between them. Disable any other translation or language apps temporarily to see if the issue persists.

Hope this can help.


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