Translation changes with CSV are not affected on the store

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I am trying to translate the value of a product metafield using CSV export/import method but the changes are affected random.


Here the steps i follow:

- export the csv selecting in the export dialog: all contents -> metafield and file -> csv for text editor

- download the csv from the link received via email

- edit the value that i need to translate in the CSV (taking care to not break the CSV syntax) and validate the file with a csv validator

- import the file successfully

- even if the import is succesful i receive a notification email with a strange message: 


The CSV file of the translations that you started importing at November 21, 2021, 10:57 pm is now complete.
To import translations that could not be updated, fix errors in the CSV file and import again.

Skipped: 422


This means that i am uploading an invalid CSV even if the validation is succesful?


NOTE: i receive the message above even if i try to upload the csv file that i dowloaded without any modification.




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me too, any answer? solution? Thanks