Translation of URL handles leads to 404 error

Translation of URL handles leads to 404 error

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I translated a URL handle via Translate&Adapt as a test and it worked without any problems at the beginning.


But when I tried to reset the test and deleted the URL from Translate&Adapt, the handle was not reset and the page now runs with a 404 error. Apparently the redirect is not deleted or reset on the page, which is a disaster...


No third-party apps are used, only Translate&Adapt and Geolocation, both from Shopify.


The following page is affected:


Old link:


New link:


Overview of products to navigate to:


When I try to set the old link manually in Translate&Adapt, it tells me that the handle already exists (as it is automatically set to the link of the main domain if the field were empty).


This is very annoying, especially as the translations of the handles have been possible for over half a year.

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Hi @Stefan_Fastenau , just checking I'm clear on the issue. Is it 1) that you can't reuse a translated handle you deleted, or 2) that a deleted translated handle doesn't setup a new redirect back to the original handle? Thanks

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Hello Richbrown,


reusing the translated handle would work again.


But if I delete the translation of the handle from Translate&Adapt, the page runs on a 404 error, although the original URL (in English) is stored again.


The handles seem to be set correctly, but the redirection of the first translation remains on the page, which is why the page is redirected to the URL that is no longer valid.

This is a big problem, as no setting in the apps allows direct access to the redirects and they are not listed in the shop's redirects list.


I really need a solution that either restores the original state or solves the central problem in the app.