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Translation: paid 3rd-party apps vs free native CSV solution

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Hi there, 

I am in the process of manually translating my website from English to German. I started the translation using Langify but I then noticed that it was also possible to translate a Shopify website exporting a CSV file with all the original text, adding the translation to it and then importing it back. All of that for free, without using an app. 

Beside the more user-friendly process of using a 3rd-party app like Langify, is there any other benefits? Because I would be definitely ready to compromise on the user-friendliness if I can then save USD 15-25 per month...

Many thanks in advance for your feedback!


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Export xml file from Shopify then find a freelancer in Germany to help you translate, then upload to shopify, it will be more professional. - Chinese dropshipping agent - reliable sourcing agent
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Hi did you work out how to translate the CSV? I am looking to translate my store from English. When I download the CSV it downloads HTML code and I am unsure what needs translating and what does not?


Thanks in advance. 

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Hi @LearnHow 
In your CSV file column H(Translated content) in which you can Enter your translation.
in locale must match language code like I want to translate into Korean language in file locale is KO.
For translation Enter you translated content
For Example I have Entered Home in Translated content => 집.
Thanks !