Translation Process for Products that get imported via DSers/Aliexpress

Translation Process for Products that get imported via DSers/Aliexpress

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Dear community,


we are about to set up a webshop with the ending *.de for the German market. We dropship so we import the products from different dropshipping suppliers, such as DSers/Aliexpress.


We have 3 questions.



Q1: Translation of product texts from EN to DE

When we import the products to Shopify from the product suppliers, the product description is basically written in English. However, we want to sell the products to the German market. There are tools, that translate an entire shop within seconds, fine so far. However, is there any tool that translates the already imported product title and the product description in Shopify in this way:

  • the imported language EN gets identified as EN language in the German Shopify environment
  • we can afterwards translate the EN product texts into DE?

The apps we tested so far such as recognize the imported products texts (imported via DSers from Aliexpress) in Shopify as DE, not as EN. What would be the best solution for this workflow? You can find a screenshot of the plugin we tested in the *.pptx below.



Q2: Adjustment of product titles

Is it allowed, to adjust and shorten the product titels for the products that were imported via DSers from Aliexpress, that we want to sell on our Shopify shop?



Q3: Domain settings

Do we need to run the shop domain under, or can we also just use, having the in place in the background.



Looking forward to your solutions.


With kind regards,




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Hi Dave


1. The reason why you can't translate to German what you've imported is because your default language is set to German. Notice there is a difference between your account language (how you see the admin) and your store language. You are essentially importing English text to what Shopify thinks is German.


To solve this set English as your default language and they you'll be able to one click translate everything to German or any other language with Translate & Adapt.


Important: Changing a default language is not a good experience at the moment. We are working on fixing it but at the moment it's a bad experience. Make sure to backup all your content before. If you have invested time in customising things so far take note of them. Changing a default language will delete a lot of things there.


You might want to try out and test it on a test store initially. That could also be a way to see how it work.


Also, essentially what you see in the screenshot is localizing German to a market (the German market). Notice you see German in both columns. Column right is the reference and column left is where you edit your translations.


2. Not sure I fully understand the question, are you asking if it's legal to do it based on your T&C from whoever you dropship from?


3. You can change your domain strategy here Markets >  Example market > Domains and Languages > and change the domain structure to what fits you. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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...thank you so much for your quick answer, that helps.


Regarding Q2: Yes, the question is, if I need to stick to the original product names the dropshipping suppliers defined or if I can adjust this product name on Shopify before selling the product to my customers?


With kind regards