US based store with fulfillment center also in EU, need to limit what is sold in EU

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We are based in the US and are setting up a European fulfillment center.  European visitors can buy anything we carry from the US and have everything shipped from here OR buy from a limited subsets of products in Europe and have them ship from there.  We will use Zonos for shipping in both fulfillment centers and they will be the business of record for all European sales and will handle taxes, duties and fees.


Can I setup Shopify to:


  • Maintain the two sets of inventory
  • Alter what is available to Europeans based on their location so if they want it shipped from their continent, they can only purchase certain things
  • If so, how do you set that up?  Do they have to create an account first so we can determine location?


Thanks for your help!

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There are a few ways to set Shopify to be used for the described situation. 

The best way is to have a mirror Shopify shop for EU , that will allow you to have 2 sets of inventory.  You would have to have a VAT registration in EU (in the country where you have your EU warehouse) and be registered for Union OSS scheme in that  country. And you would need IOSS scheme for items coming from outside of EU

The problem is that you will not be able to handle 2 VAT schemes (IOSS and Union OSS) using standard Shopify tax engine.

We have a solution that may help you with that and we can easily set up a mirror store for you.  

Do get in touch with us and we can show how it works. 

Visit us at and arrange for a video meeting or contact at - the best EU and UK VAT compliance solution.