Use Translate & Adapt and Weglot together

Use Translate & Adapt and Weglot together

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Hey everyone,

I've now tried both and there were certain problems with both of them which could be solved If I could use both together. For example, Translation is easier with Weglot, especially the Glossary which lets me set rules for one word which then applies to the whole website. But the thing that bothers me is that I can't translate the urls in  weglot, only if I decided to pay 70$ a month. 

I would like to keep the Url benefits of Translate & adapt, but still use weglot for translation and the language switcher (just more appealing imo).

Now my question is, does anyone have experience with using both together? Are there any downsides or risks? 

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @bootik54 , Translate & Adapt and Weglot translate differently, and I would consider them incompatible. Translate & Adapt uses Shopify's native translations API, whereas Weglot translates the default language's HTML in the front end. This can actually work together, but you run into problems when it comes to domains or subfolder structure - Weglot doesn't currently work with Shopify Markets.


For a glossary like feature this is indeed a limitation with Translate & Adapt - we tend to recommend using the CSV (Settings > Languages > Export) and find and replace in a spreadsheet program. Another option to consider is Langshop, which released URL translation today and has a glossary feature - as well as being compatible with the Translations API (and thus Translate & Adapt), and enabling language switcher customisation.

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