Using harmonized code in Product Import CSV file?

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Every two weeks I update many products using the Product Export/Import CSV file because I update variants and variant images. But because I ship to Canada, I need to be able to add Harmonized Codes to these new variants. The Product Export/Import CSV file does not contain fields to add this information to each variant.


I see that the Product Inventory CSV contains these fields, but I don't want to do multiple uploads for the same products that tweak different bits of information.


My question is, can I just add the HS Code field and COO (country of origin) fields to the Product Export/Import CSV file so that these two bits of information get updated with the main Product Import file?



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Shamless plug, but you can use Mellow's spreadsheet software to do so (supported barcodes: GTIN, ISBN, UPC, EAN, MPN):

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