What are the best tips for successful selling in the UK market?

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I'm planning to sell in the UK. Are there any tips I should know? Suggestions on taxes, shipping,... or anything that can support me selling on this market? Thanks

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Uk is the great market in to target using shopify Platform Here is some tips that will be useful for you

1.Select Fast delivery shipping services in UK that deliver in within 24-48 hours.

2.Take VAT certification to avoid any issues

3.Do UK niche specific On page and off page SEO

4. Use high Quality 3d Images

5.Make Website Mobile Friendly 

6.Stick with Shopify Hosting

7.Start Small but aim Big

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I have UK based company but I am non-UK citizen and I live out Uk too.

recently I've created my store 

can I sell to Uk without VAT number

it take long time to get one .

If I register for VAT now could take 20 days so I was thinking if I can sell to UK before I receive my number



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Hi @KAlbert07,

It's great that you are expanding your business! 

I'd love to share our Brexit Guide for Shopify merchants with you, I hope it will help to find answers to some questions.

If you have any questions regarding invoicing, feel free to get in touch with us at support@sufio.com

All the best,

- Lenka from Sufio