What's the legal name for a US market-focused store owned by a UK company?

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We are UK Ltd business with a business also incorporated in the USA with UK citizens owning this business.  We have a US dollar bank account in the USA.

We have set up a store which will be for the US market only and fulfilled from a warehouse based in New Jersey, USA.

Is the legal name for the store the UK business or the USA business?

Also, when we are trying to set up Shopify and PayPal payments - we are being asked for the last 4 digits of a SSN# - we don't have this as we do not have any US citizens linked to the business.

Please can you provide any advice regarding this?

Thank you


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Shopify uses Stripe for its Shopify Payments option. Stripe requires either a SSN (only available if you reside in the USA), or an ITIN number (quite a process to obtain) for Non-US citizens/residents. This is my understanding, so please do your own research into this. Please share here if you find anything different. Thank you. 

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Hi Laura, 

We're a UK business looking to achieve everything you've listed in your post? Could I by any chance pick your brain on how you solved this issue. It would be a huge huge help as we've hit a bit of a road block!