Why are my shipping rates and currency conversion not working properly?

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Hello everyone, I have an issue with one of my shipping rates. My store is based in the US. A t-shirt from my website is $26.99. I have a Europe Flat Rate for my European orders which is $4.39 and any order above $27.99 (2 or more t-shirts) has free shipping. I set up 2 test orders, one in French Guiana (uses the euro and is part of France) and one in France for 1 t-shirt each and they both showed free shipping for both orders. I tested my rates in other currencies and this did not happen. Why is this happening with this currency?

Also when I switch to the Venezuela and Caribbean Netherlands currencies they show the currency as the US dollar which is incorrect. How do I fix this?

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How did you setup your shipping fees in your store?

French Guiana shouldn't be in the EU area for your shipping rates. Go to your shop settings for shipping and check your shipping zone to solve this.

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Hi thank you for your response. I actually decided to use a currency converter app instead of adding the currencies to Shopify payments section of settings. So for now I don’t have these problems any more.

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I am currently experiencing this problem, and I also want to know how to fix it!