Why aren't checkout restrictions applying in my online store's international pricing setup?

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I am trying to set up International Pricing for an online store (currently in development mode) with Shopify Payments but have run into trouble regarding missing the so-called “Checkout Restrictions.” It simply doesn’t seem to apply as described.




International pricing is determined based on the customer's shipping address and not the currency that the customer uses to pay for their order. This means that if a customer chooses to ship to a country or region that differs from the one selected on the storefront, then their prices change to match their shipping destination at checkout.

However, as a visitor, I can check out in any currency I choose in the storefront, regardless of my shipping destination in the checkout. That is not what I expect.


For example, Spain (EUR) and the United States (USD) are set up in the configuration. As a visitor, I choose Spain (EUR) in the storefront country/currency selector and then add products to my cart (in EUR). During checkout, I may enter a shipping address in the United States and then complete the payment in EUR.
The expected behavior would be that the checkout reloads and shows prices in USD before completing the order?


What am I missing? I have double-checked all the settings in regard to the documentation on multi-currency. I have a minimal use case (Dawn theme, physical goods, auto currency conversions, Shopify Payments only, credit card only, Geolocation app installed ...).

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