Why aren't metafields showing in other languages?

Why aren't metafields showing in other languages?

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I have a metafield for collections, text. In dutch, the primairy language the metafield and the text is visable.

In the other languages i dont see any text at all..

Hope someone can help me with this, thanks in advance!


Dutch :

Scherm­afbeelding 2024-04-24 om 17.52.19.png



Scherm­afbeelding 2024-04-24 om 17.52.09.png

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Do you see the translations in the translation app? which one do you use?

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I have the same problem - some products' metafield translated and displayed with correct language in the store, the other are translated in the translation app but displayed with main language. 
Example, color "Blue" in English, in the "Translate & Adapt" app it's translated "Bleu" in French
In the store French page - showed as "Blue" in English.
The same problem with other metafields.
I'm able to correct it manually - in "Translate & Adapt" app delete or rename the translation -> save -> key in the correct translation again -> save
Then it displayed correctly in both languages. 
The problem with such manual correction is I have about 100 products to correct and need to be corrected in 3 languages  
Remark, some products work correctly for one language and don't work for the others