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Why can't certain dropshipping products be shipped to my location?

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Hi im having problems on some products it says that it cannot shipped to my location, but other products from same suppliers do work, only with some of them, any idea on what i should do? please help or any help on configuring all on the shipping area

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Hi, @PowerBlast 


Happy to help as much as I can here. I understand that you are using a Dropshipping supply app to provide products for your store to sell to your audience, is that correct? From there you have encountered an issue whereby certain products will ship to your country however others will not. 


While I cannot speak to that personally, I can give some suggestions as to why this might be. 

Certain products might be prohibited to be shipped to your country based on their intended use or legality. For example lighters or knives, could be prohibited. Maybe something along the lines of its size could also be a contributing factor. 


My advice here would be to contact your supplier directly and ask why these items might be limited in terms of shipping to your targeted area. 


Can you tell me a bit about the items you sell and where you are looking to ship them? 

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