Why does translating emails in the 'Translate & Adapt' app disrupt product display?

Why does translating emails in the 'Translate & Adapt' app disrupt product display?

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we have issue with emails when translated on "Translate & adapt" app. As support advised, I copied code and then edited the text


This is the issue - if I don't translate it, the confirmation email is fine. But if I do, then it doesn't show the products correctly. Here is a comparison:


So this is the actual issue:


Any ideas on how this can be fixed?

Thank you

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Hi @Anzebukovsek , unfortunately this is a really tricky job which we totally empathise with. What will be happening is that the code (Liquid + HTML) is not matching between the languages. I'm going to give you a fairly elaborate workaround but it will solve your problem.


  • Slovenian is actually a supported language which should have default notifications. I'll look into why they're not showing, but in the mean time try this. You have a store you're not using - 31f26e.myshopify.com. Go to Settings > Languages and set the default language to Slovenian (Slovenia) - the Slovenia part in brackets is important. Then add a second language, doesn't matter what language. This is to enable you to export the translations CSV.
  • Export the translations CSV (Settings > Languages > Export). This will give you all the default notifications in Slovenian in column G.
  • Go to your main store. Export this store's Translations CSV for Slovenian. This is giving you a CSV to upload the Slovenian notifications you're about to copy over. On both CSVs I'd suggest deleting every row that does not say EMAIL_TEMPLATE in Column A so you are dealing just with Notifications.
  • Copy and paste the notifications from the first CSV in column G (default language) to the second CSV in column H (translated language). Here you are copying all the default Slovenian to your main store's Slovenian as a second language.
  • Import the second CSV into you main store. This should import default Slovenian notifications. Try sending some test notifications (Settings > Notifications > Order confirmation - change the language to Slovenian and see if it works)
  • Then, to add your custom Slovenian text at the top in Translate & Adapt. It's best to do it in the code editor view (Click < > ). Make sure the HTML tags match. A reminder that you have a backup of these changes - it was in the second CSV before you pasted over the default from the test store.

I appreciate the above is work heavy and potentially confusing, but it should solve your issue. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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We struggle with the exact same issue in our project. So I am looking forward for more solutions. 

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Hello @Anzebukovsek , I think I found where the problem arised. I was just translating "Order confirmation" from english to serbian, step by step, or lets say word by word. After every word I just saved it and preview it. And everything was fine till the end. After that I was going furhter with experiment and I clicked that button "</>" for changing from HTML to editor. When I changed it, system asked me to save the translation again. After I did it, and went to see the preview, I've got the same incomplete "Order confirmation" just as you did.
All in all, when translating notifications, do not open editor, just stay in HTML and everything will be just fine. 


Sincerely and adijo