Why is only part of my third-party app metafield text translating?

Why is only part of my third-party app metafield text translating?

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Hi. I'm trying to translate text in one of the "Metafield" fields under "Store Metadata". The text of some third-party application is there. But for some reason only some words are translated. Translation of some words is simply ignored. Has anyone had this problem before?

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It's possible that the issue you are experiencing with translation is related to the translation service you are using or the way in which the text is being processed.


If you are using an automated translation service, it's possible that the service is having difficulty translating certain words due to their context or complexity. Some translation services may also have limitations in terms of the languages they can translate or the quality of their translations.


It's also possible that the text is not being properly processed before being sent to the translation service. For example, if the text is not properly encoded or formatted, it may not be recognized as a complete sentence or phrase, which could cause certain words to be ignored during translation.


To troubleshoot this issue, you may want to try using a different translation service or manually translating the text to see if the issue persists. You could also try formatting the text differently or ensuring that it is properly encoded before sending it to the translation service. If the issue continues to persist, you may want to reach out to the third-party application provider for assistance.

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Hello @Dimitrij111 ,

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Sorry to hear what you've been facing with, but some translation tools not good at handling technical or industry-specific terminology. Maybe the translation tool is not recognizing those words as part of the source language or is unable to find an appropriate translation.


You can try to use a different translation tool to improve this. You should search and consider to use some apps such as:

  • Weglot: automatically detects and translates your store's content into multiple languages using machine translation, and allows you to manually edit translations as needed.
  • Langify: create and manage multiple translations of your store's content, including product descriptions, collections, pages, and more.
  • Transcy: automatically detects and translates your store's content into multiple languages using AI and currencies converter.


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Hey @Dimitrij111 , if you're seeing this in Translate & Adapt it's possible that the app has tried to translate code. We have logic to skip code tags but with 3rd party app content that might have issues. Can you delete the translation on the right and save, to restore the default code?

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