Why was my online store terminated despite following all policies?

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I have spent months trying to create a store to the best of my ability. I worked hard and the day I started running google ads my account was terminated. I contacted shopify support and was assured that this is just a standard process and I didnt do anything incorrect, it should be back to normal soon. There has been no trademark violation, nothing from my side. At this point I think shopify has a problem with Indian stores. Everything was correct on my side, the privacy policy, refund policy, everything but no I was still terminated. I am saying shopify is biased as I have seen a friend of mine based out of Australia and he has absolutely ridiculed every single policy and is selling same products. There are 100's of stores selling the same exact thing I was but I out of all was terminated, the reason ? god knows what. 

Absolute disaster absolute.


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Hi there, @DanishSingh.

I can definitely understand how you're feeling, and I know this can feel like a difficult process. It sounds as though your store is under review, rather than “terminated”.  I do just want to reassure you that we carry out these standard reviews for all our stores, not just stores from certain areas or countries. 

You mentioned you have contacted support already, so I assume this has already been escalated to the correct internal team. Right now the best course of action is to await a reply via email from this team. Please rest assured this is all expected behavior and is not a cause for concern. I cannot give you a timeline for a response from the team that reviews out stores, but this is in the correct hands right now. Your ongoing patience is appreciated, thank you, 

Ivy | Social Care @ Shopify

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