Is an EMBA relevant in e-commerce?

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I was listening to Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal (a famous bloke on Youtube, love his content), and I loved his talk with Ben Francis, CEO of Gymshark (one of Shopify's biggest partners/clients).

They came across the topic of business degrees. Both Ali and Ben have a similar entrepreneurial background: starting with no real structure, winging things, and mostly not adhering to the usual "corporate" or big business structurization. However, as both of them realized, the structure was a necessity as things grew. With Ben's team growing at an exponential rate (they have 700+ employees atm) the organizational hierarchy and structure were a must for the now multi-billion dollar business.

Both of them agreed that this was the part where a master's degree in business would come in handy as it tackles a lot of this sort of stuff for Founders and CEOs.

I now have a growing number of employees in my Shopify store roster and came across this blogpost about Online EMBA Programs, and I thought that it would fit me well. According to the blog, EMBAs are preferred for those who have full-time jobs or are currently running a business because it mixes experience into the learning setup and it also adjusts the load that would fit your timeframe. 

These all sound nice and all, but I'm having my reservations. I'm not really in it for the added credential (although that would be a nice bonus) is an MBA or EMBA actually necessary to comprehend the organizational structure of a business? Wouldn't it be easier to hire a business consultant? We are in e-commerce after all and I'm not 100% sure if this would be relevant for me.

I'd love to hear the insights of peeps here that actually took an MBA/EMBA, how has it helped you in managing your business? At what scale of your business did you decide to have one? School recommendations for an EMBA/MBA? TIA!

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