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Hi guys,

I am looking to renew the layout of the site and I will take it pro I'm looking at a freel and wonder if you are interested in this job. If they need to know how much to charge and also have an idea what you guys think to the new site.

To make your life easier, I thought of customizing a Shopify theme:

The page follows the same style with retro + Daily Deals:

  1. a main product + 3 active products bottom of the page
  2. place a banner square (week promoting Star Wars, geek week, week simpsons)
  3. product icon surprisingly rare product + product + hard core geek
  4. improve / refazeros icons of the current page
  5. the most striking area of ​​registration
  6. To maintain the site and social


I need a home and a layout for the pages inside.

Here are some suggestions to inspire you:


Need to know:

  1. it costs
  2. how long it takes
  3. need to see an outline of the idea to choose between freel

Thank you!

Lidio -