Keep hiring bad SEO companies, I need a great one!

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I am looking for a great, reasonable, reliable and trust worthy SEO company to help with SEO on my eCommerce site I have had for over 12 years, I sell pet products, mostly for dogs. I have been working with an SEO company that did seem great at first but in the last 6 months my site has seemed to take a turn for the worse and I need to find someone to help fix it. Thanks!

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Hi @Rachel5 I can surely help with the SEO with your Shopify website. Let us connect at

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@Rachel5 Hi Rachel, do you have an email I contact, our experts have a track record of increasing revenue, rankings and building authority for clients. Happy to share over email the case studies. Thank you.

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Surely, we can assist you on your requirements.
Please Reach me on my Email- s / Skype - sofia_6831 for detail discussion.


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Hello @Rachel5 

I would like to assist you with your mentioned requirements.

Please give me a suitable time to discuss your requirements.

You can reach me on Skype/Email- 




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I am sorry to hear you did not have the best experience with the SEO-companies you hired.

Finding the right consultants is never easy - no matter what area it is in. Before you hire another one I recommend you research their name and public reputation. Are they recognized in the industry? Did they publish books or articles or appear at industry conferences? What do other say about them? Also, ask for references and contact a couple of their previous clients. Hear what they have to say before signing a new deal. 

Having said that you should also know that even the best consultants can't do magic. All we can do is give you the best possible advise, based on our experience and generally deal with you in a honest and transparent way. We do not control the outcome. It's the sam as hiring a lawyer. The best ones can give you the best possible representation but no one can guarantee that you will win every case. 

There are many variables in SEO - some of them we can control. But not all.

I know which SEO-factors that work and I can tell you how to optimize them. But Google may changes all the time and even though I (after more than 20 years in the SEO-business) have a pretty good idea about where they are going even I can get surprised by some updates. Also your competitors  can change their strategies, employ more aggressive SEO-strategies and "eat" your positions. 

Over the past year there have been a lot of updates in Google that have hurt many websites. Technical requirements have become more complex and Googles way of analyzing content have changed quite a lot. Most of my clients have gone through the updates very well because they made the changes in time that I advised them to do - but some did (or could) not and suffered a bit like you. All I can do is give my best advise. In the end you decide what to do. 

SEO is a constant battle. Do not give up but make sure you implement a solid and long term plan. Also, I will recommend that the next SEO-company you hire also spend some time improving YOUR SEO-skills. I always do that as part of my consulting. 

Good luck. Wish you all the best. 

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Hope you are well!


As I saw in your post I can surely help you with SEO with your e-commerce site. 


I have 5 years of experience in development.


Could you please provide me with an opportunity to talk about your requirements?


to discuss further you can reach me at


looking forward to hearing from you!




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How are you doing? I read your requirement and surely I can assist you with the Best SEO Strategy for Shopify.

Let's Connect!


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I can assist you with this. Please connect with me on skype live:.cid.e9e0aac23ad8acf4 or DM me.