Looking for a very part time virtual assistant to process drop ship orders: one week only!

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I am headed out of the country for vacation, and need someone to process orders for me while I'm gone.  I get one, maybe 2 orders per day, sometimes less, so the time requirement would be very minimal.      The orders I need processed are for drop ship order, so everything can be done remotely.   I work with 3-4 drop ship vendors, and so the VA would need to login to my account, order the product for the customer, and have them shipped to the customer.  

I'm thinking this would take maybe 15 minutes per day, max. 

  Thank you!

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Hi , 
I can take care of your drop ship order, while you are away.
Please connect further to discuss your process 

eMail - deepvyas71@gmail.com


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Hi @duckmamanh,

Hope you are having a productive day.

As per your post , Can we start the work ASAP with you if yes then i am very exited for that.

As per our experience i think we would work together longer periods of a time.
Before starting the work we have queries for the same which we need to clear this

I need your website link with details (login details) to undertatnd the work to check how much time it will take.

It would be great if you could share your time and Instant communication medium (Which you prefer to chat/call) to disucss the requirement in details.

Awaiting forward to hear from you soon.

Thanks and Regards,

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Thank you all.

A family member ended up being able to take care of this for me. 

I appreciate your help, though!

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I wish that while I was in college, I came across such a job offer, preferably for more than one week, of course. I took on too heavy physical work as a loader at that time since there were simply no alternative options. I think that you will most quickly find an assistant on some exchanges for earning remotely; there are always many people who are ready to respond to such an offer. You can look specifically at https://dailyremote.com/remote-virtual-assistant-jobs since I know that my daughter is sometimes looking for a part-time job there. I hope you will succeed, good luck to you