Need simple spreadsheet style bulk ordering page

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Hi there devs! We just launched our shopify store a few months ago, and we're expanding into wholesale. Since shopify doesn't really allow wholesale sections, I'm just going to give wholesalers coupon codes for the wholesale prices. But to make the whole thing look more legit and make it easy to buy large quantities of shirts, I need a page that is laid out kind of like a spread sheet.

The Project:

I need a page where wholesalers can quickly order large numbers of shirts without having to go to each individual product page. It would look something like the grid here. That way they can put in their numbers without going back and forth between every product page, their cart, and the front page.

Also, I need a little totals calculator in the bottom or top of the screen that counts how many shirts the wholesaler has put down in realtime and then based on that number displays a subtotal and which discount code to use. For example, say a wholesaler had filled in the boxes for 20 shirts across a range of designs sizes and colors. Our price for 10-20 shirts is $12. So that calculator would mulitply 20 by 12 and display $240 at the subtotal and also say 'Use code "xyz" at checkout'. But if they added one more, our price for 20-30 is $11.75 per shirt. So the calculator would update and say the new subtotal is 11.75x21= $246.75 and also so say "Use code "abc" at checkout".

I tried to be as detailed as possible so you know exactly what we're looking for. That being said, we're flexible and open to better ideas. It just needs to look good and be functional. If you're interested send us an email at and be sure to include some of you're previous work and if you can based on what I've given you, an estimate.


Sam Smith