Need someone to integrate my (htmled) design into shopify!

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I have a full custom design that I need integrated into shopify. The store is brand new, nothing added but the necessary pages that will be needed.
The design is in html format. It does use tables as this is how the designer created it.

If you have experience with this, please let me know. I can give you more info, or if you can please give me an estimate of what something like this costs that would be greatly appreciated.

I have already been scammed by a few programmers websites claiming they can do this project :(
The deadline would be "sooner than later" as I have missed many deadlines already with other programmers. Now I just want someone to actually be able to do this for me!

Thank you in advance...

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Hi Loganl,

You will get a better reply if you leave the following details next time.

  • Company name
  • Your name
  • The project's URL
  • Budget (Only necessary if you are on a tight budget)
  • Contact Info
  • Description of the services required

I'll need a good look at the files before anything, send a link to and I'll take a look.

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Hi Loganl,

   can u send r  u conversion html files so that i intergrate in localhost shopify vision. after integrated i send theme  to u r mail   just needed upload  theme in r  u shopify site.

if any information  sent mail to