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Hi Developers,

we are a team of 6 people who want to sell customised shirts via the internet.

We already have relationships to suppliers, budget and a well defined business plan.

What is missing is a well functioning e-commerce site. To be able to shift more of our budget toward the shirtdesigner we are thinking to use shopify as a basis and the shirtdesigner as a plugin.

We would be delighted about feedback for the possibility to build a shirtdesigner for shopify.

Examples of shirtdesigners we know are (different quality levels):,   Feel free to be creative and differ from the shown examples.

If somebody can provide us with a solution that works in terms of quality, time and budget, we would be very happy to contract him/her. 



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Hi Sebastian,

We'd love to help. Send us an email at and let's setup a call to discuss the details.

Talk with you soon,

SDG - Spiegel Design Group, Inc. -
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We recently created a custom site doing exactly what you're looking for:  It's not in Shopify, but the idea is the same and we could likely adapt it into an App for Shopify.

On that note, we created the first App for Shopify over 2 years ago:, so we're very familiar with what is possible!

Please email us at hello [at] pixellent [dot] com


Mike Larkin | | | mikelarkin [at] pixellent [dot] com