Customers being charged the wrong prices (Markets Pro issue??)

Customers being charged the wrong prices (Markets Pro issue??)

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We are a U.S. shop who recently upgraded to Markets Pro (don't know if this is a coincidence or the cause of the problem). Suddenly, we noticed product prices in all our latest orders are less than actual price (with no discount, coupon code, gift certificate, etc being applied). Customers are being charged about 5.73% less that the actual price. We believe this is only for U.S. customers.


In doing a test, all prices are accurate when products added to cart, but once we click checkout, the prices all drop, this is without entering address, payment info, promo code etc. Only the country has been auto populated in the check out form (as United States). There is also a pop up that appears to tell you that the prices have changed (dropped). 


We've been using Shopify for almost 4 years and have never encountered such an issue. As mentioned above, the most recent, significant change was upgrading to Markets Pro. We use a third party theme, but the problem was replicated in the Dawn theme as well.


Posting this so others can be on alert for this issue and if any other U.S. shops are having a similar issue, please let us know if you were able to resolve this and how. Thank you!



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Hi @WSP18791, could you please share your shop url so that I can take a look?

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