Fine Tuning Markets Pro | Mainly USA to Canada

Fine Tuning Markets Pro | Mainly USA to Canada

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A few months back I was contacted by shopify to try markets pro and we have been using it for USA to Canada shipments.

My main issue is it seems I cannot get any other products eligible other than the ones that originally were set.

I am wondering what are all the settings that need to be considered for a product to load the built in DHL shipping charges.

Here’s what I checked and set identical for the two products. One does load a shipping cost one does not.

1. Product Page:
A. Status is active.
B. Publishing settings are exact and Canada is included under “markets”. 
C. Both products have inventory at the same single warehouse we have.
D. Both products are marked as a physical products and weigh 10LB, for all variants. thats under the 66LB limit for canada by markets pro


  1. Settings tab “Markets” I have chose Canada to edit

A.Product and Pricing. Both items are set to Included. 

  1. Shipping general profile: 

A.Both (All) products are listed

B.Canada is listed with two DHL shipping options

C.Saved packages: we only have 1 default package used for all products.

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If your products aren't showing up to customers in Canada, it most like means they have been restricted. We run multiple Shopify stores and have experienced this, and it appears to be done by a bot and store owners have no control over this. In fact, about 50% of our products have been restricted but it's obviously a mistake - for example, if we are selling three t-shirts, one is red, blue and black, the red is restricted but the blue and black tshirts are not (why?????)


So far, Shopify has provided no way to request a manual review of products. Upon contacting support, received this response "So, it does look like there is no re-evaluation for restricted items within Markets Pro at the moment. Once they have been restricted, it cannot be removed. At the moment, the best workaround would be to disable Markets Pro so you can ship your products internationally. I can absolutely submit feedback about this to our developers!"


With the new update to Markets Pro, now called Managed Markets, there is even less information regarding restricted products. They used to tell you which products and in countries they were restricted, now, all you can do is see which products have a "Publishing error in International", but no way to resolve this on your own.