Problem changing merchant of record for international custom orders

Problem changing merchant of record for international custom orders

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Our managed markets international orders that are custom are not going through (our international orders that are not custom have been going through just fine). The payment for the international custom orders remains unfulfilled and the order gets canceled. I believe I have narrowed down the problem to international custom orders not being permitted under the current merchant of record (Shopify support also said this). So I am trying to follow the advice mentioned in the Shopify help center for B2B orders with managed markets. I am trying to change to be my own merchant of record for the international orders that are custom, and have those orders automatically switch so that I am the merchant of record in checkout. However, the steps listed on Shopify help and given to me by support (going to draft orders, selecting the draft order I want to change, clicking ... in the market section and then clicking change merchant of record) do not show up anywhere for any of my draft orders. Additionally, the orders in question that I am having problems with do not even appear in draft orders as they did not successfully go through and were canceled, and canceled orders do not appear in draft orders. Any help would be appreciated.



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