Why can't I ship goods to Japan using Markets Pro?

Why can't I ship goods to Japan using Markets Pro?

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I upgraded to Markets Pro to ship to Japan and some countries in Europe. It works for Germany with duties and taxes calculated at the checkout fine but when testing to ship to Japan it says "Shipping not available for selected address". The setup is exactly the same as in other European countries and the address is mine so it is correct.   Anyone has ideas as to why? I contacted support one person said that I have to upgrade my plan and purchase CCR (calculated carrier rate, something like that) then some other support assistant said something else like setup and regulations, which I checked.  International shipping is giving me so many headaches and I do not seem to get any solutions. Please help if anyone here has expertise in international commerce and shipping. Thank you



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Hi @ONENESS1, can you please share your shop url with me so that I can take a look at your shop configuration?


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