Harmonized System Codes are incorrect, cause unnecessary tariffs

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Please allow users to manually enter Harmonized System Codes ("HSCodes"). Shopify Markets Pro makes wild, incorrect guesses and is subjecting us to unnecessary tariffs. 


We sell yarn and fiber, which carry no tariff in many free trade agreements, but SMP is coding our products based on words in the color descriptions of those products (For example, labeling a product "wine" because we used the word Burgandy). Enabling SMP disables the HSCode field in the admin console GUI. When I pull the codes via API I can see that many are totally wrong, and correcting them via API is tedious. Why disable HSCodes in the GUI if SMP is going to force incorrect entries?

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Agreed, I sell jewelry and many of my products are incorrectly restricted in certain countries due to inaccurate tariff codes that are automatically assigned. Some of my pieces are available for purchase is certain countries, while others of the exact same material are incorrectly labeled as restricted, therefore they can not be purchased.


If someone on the back end could please fix this, it would be appreciated! I tried escalating this back and march and basically got nowhere with customer service!.

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Agreed here - but this is more than "please let us." It's garbage coding to OVERWRITE my HS Codes through my entire store without telling me. And when you click on the "what will change" button, NOWHERE does it tell you it will trash HS Codes. And when you check help files about fixing it, you're directed to bulk edit, which of course does not allow you to.


Markets Pro sounds great until I actually tried it. It's garbage.