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I have noticed recently that several of my global orders indicate they were processed through PayPal. However, PayPal has no record of these orders or sales, and my account does not reflect any received funds. Moreover, although Shopify asserts that these orders were processed via PayPal, they also mention that a certain amount of money (X amount) will be added to my payout after the shipper receives the package. I'm puzzled as to why Shopify is stating that funds will be included in my payout if the orders were indeed processed through PayPal. This distinction is not made when it comes to domestic orders paid through PayPal. I have reached out to PayPal's customer service, but they are unable to assist since they do not see any corresponding orders on their end. On the other hand, Shopify's chat support has been quite unsatisfactory, consistently promising to have someone contact me, which unfortunately never materializes. This situation has led to a discrepancy of hundreds of dollars. Despite the fact that the orders have been shipped, a solution remains elusive.


I would also like to take this opportunity to express my growing disappointment in Shopify as a brand. They have discontinued phone support and emails seem to go unanswered. Chat agents leave customers waiting to the point of disconnection. It's perplexing how a company operating in the currency field can exhibit such a lack of consideration for its customers. I can confidently state that when the time comes for me to transition away from this company, it will be a day to celebrate. Perhaps if I were a Shopify Pro member or a prominent figure, I would be accorded the respect and answers I'm seeking.


What I am seeking is straightforward: answers from Shopify regarding the whereabouts of my funds. I deserve the opportunity to converse with a representative and not have Shopify redirect responsibility to PayPal, especially since PayPal does offer phone support and its agents have been exceptionally helpful in my interactions with them.


FYI, this all started when I started utilizing Markets Pro for overseas orders.

I have also added a screenshot below showing an order that was supposedly made through Paypal a few hours ago, but does not show in my Paypal account. Numerous orders supposedly processed through Paypal cannot be found on Paypal by myself or Paypal support.


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Hi @Shawna_Jeneen 


Have you check if you have the right Paypal account in your Shopify store? 


1. From you Admin page, go to Settings then Payments

2. Click the Manage under Paypal in the Additional payment options. Make sure you have the right email address. 


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The Paypal address is correct. I received a domestic order via Paypal today with no problem. Again, this issue is only happening with Globale orders where the customer supposedly used Paypal. All domestic orders show up in my Paypal as well as payments. I believe the issue is with Markets Pro. That is when this began. Check the above screenshot, if the customer made payment through Paypal, why is it not there and why does my order timeline say Shopify will add X amount of dollars to my Payouts once the shipper receives the package? Every Globale order looks this way.

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As anticipated, it appears that Shopify's representatives lack the necessary information to address inquiries related to missing funds.

I initiated communication with my most recent international customer, who completed a transaction on my online store. I requested a screenshot from them as evidence of their payment through PayPal. Subsequently, I received the screenshot, revealing that a company named Markets Pro, designated as the seller (Global E), is utilizing PayPal for payment processing. Contrary to my own company, Global E is identified as the seller and is receiving payments instead. Furthermore, neither Shopify nor Global E has been remitting these payments to me. As aforementioned, this predicament emerged subsequent to my adoption of the Markets Pro platform. I have resolved to discontinue its use.

Moreover, the deficiency in expertise exhibited by Shopify's customer service team is truly remarkable. Despite my repeated assertions regarding the non-receipt of payments, they consistently attributed the issue to PayPal, suggesting that I take up the matter with them. It is disconcerting that a company engaged in financial transactions could demonstrate such incompetence. The responsibility for this lapse lies not with the customer service agents, but rather with Shopify itself, as it is incumbent upon them to adequately train their agents.

Given the absence of proficient support, the only viable recourse appears to be engaging external organizations to scrutinize Shopify's apparent mishandling of its customers' stores and financial matters.

This situation has served as a stark realization, prompting me to expedite the transition of my store to an alternative platform.

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Hi, @Shawna_Jeneen 

Thanks for bringing this situation to the Community Forums.

I first want to apologize for your less than satisfactory experience with our Live Chat Advisors. Clearly our advisors dropped the ball here and I apologize on behalf of the team. 

In regards to your missing earnings, I definitely understand the confusion as it isn't quite clear in the documentation where these payments end up. 

Essentially, Markets Pro acts as its own Payment Gateway through Shopify Payment and processes these payouts to you directly, not through PayPal. Markets Pro may use and support other payment methods such as PayPal but it processes the transaction and holds the funds until paid out to you.


The processed, and pending payouts should be visible in his Markets Pro payouts as with all other orders. You can view these payouts by following these steps: 

  1. In your Shopify admin, go to Finances > Payouts.
  2. Click Transactions.
  3. Click More filters.
  4. Click Payment method.
  5. Select Markets Pro.
  6. Click Done.

I’d also like to note that Markets Pro payouts are only processed on certain days of the month, so that is most likely adding to the confusion. The payout dates are the 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd of the month. Keep in mind this is when we process the payout, and there is then 1-3 business days for the bank to then process and deposit it. Additionally, orders are only paid out when they are fulfilled and scanned by our carrier. 

I hope that clears things up! If you have any additional questions please let me know. 

Skye | Social Care @ Shopify
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Additional question regarding your answer: I got a 'failed payment' notice, but only for a Markets Pro payout. My normal shopify payouts are going through fine. I followed your steps but I can only view the failed payment transaction, not edit the payout account. So is there a separate Markets Pro payout account setting page? If so, where can I find that because I've looked all over and tried googling, but only found this thread.  
The documentation you linked simply says "A payout is sent to your bank account" so I'm thinking it's the same as my normal Shopify payout account, in which case- why is it failing, if the former is depositing just fine?

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Hi, @FireflyBazaarTX 


Thanks for joining the conversation!


That is definitely strange that only your Markets Pro Payouts are failing. The failed Payout should have a pink notification that you can select for more information.


That being said, I recommend reaching out directly to our live Support Team so they can review the payout to determine the issue. 

Skye | Social Care @ Shopify
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