Access metafields from a sales channel app

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I have a sales channel and I want to read the metafield definitions or the metafield values of product listings.


Tentative 1: get metafield definitions

I tried to send the following GraphQl request:

 {"query":"query ($owner: MetafieldOwnerType!) { metafieldDefinitions( ownerType: $owner, first:1) { edges { node { id key name description validations { name type value} type { name} } } } }","variables":{"owner":"PRODUCT"}}

  that fails with a 500:


	"errors": [
			"message": "Internal error. Looks like something went wrong on our end.\nRequest ID: 121144ea-3934-4978-ae66-9b31fb10d467-1715066226 (include this in support requests).",
			"extensions": {
				"requestId": "121144ea-3934-4978-ae66-9b31fb10d467-1715066226"

Doing some research I found it can be a permission issue. note that the app has the permission read_product_listings.


Tentative 2: get the product listing

By querying the REST API product_listings, we do not get the meta field values




How can I get the product's metafields from my sales channel?


Thank you

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