Access unit_price and unit_price_measurement via REST API

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Price Per Unit is an exclusive feature implemented for France and Germany.

I went through guideless ^ and was able to define the unit price via the user interface. Now, I want to download these data via REST API. Is it accessible there? Precisely,  is a price per unit (unit_price and unit_price_measurement) exposed via REST API or GraphQL? I can't see it as a variant property.

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Hey @tipserstore , 


At the moment this field is not accessible via the API. However, it is also very new, so that's not to say that it never will be available - but there isn't any timeline at the moment or concrete plans to do so. 

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glad you are already looking into this. I need this feature urgently as well, so sending a plus one on the feature request.

Without API access to the unit price feature my customer can not use Shopify for their online store (as said before, it's a legal requirement to show the unit price in Germany and setting it manually for thousands of products is not an option).

All the best, kind regards!

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We have the same issue. Is there a way to upvote the urgency of this feature?

Solving it with metafields seems like a nasty workaround 😞

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I'm right now into creating a new shop with 300 products where unit price is manadatory. I helped myself with metafields but right now I am really frustrated with shopify at all. I know it's my fault I did not consider such a basic feature upfront. But there are so many details where something is missing. And then I read such things it's too hard to implement. I'm almost thinking about leaving this platform before opening the shop.

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Why not spell it out than? If you have a workable solution to this, just say it in a few sentences. This is a community after all, not a walled garden. It is expected that people share here, not hoard.

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The basic approach to the solution is to add custom code to the product page template to use fields that can be set via the API (weight & price), to calculate the base unit price.

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