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Cannot use graphql API metafieldSet for onlineStorePage and onlineStoreArticle

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I try to use metafieldSet mutation but it doesn't work for onlineStorePage and onlineStoreArticle:


mutation metafieldsSet($metafields: [MetafieldsSetInput!]!) {
  metafieldsSet(metafields: $metafields) {
    metafields {
      # Metafield fields
    userErrors {
        "metafields": {
            "key": "test1",
            "namespace": "global",
            "ownerId": "gid://shopify/OnlineStorePage/6602811342925",
            "type": "single_line_text_field",
            "value": "123"



Return errors:

[{'message': 'invalid id', 'locations': [{'line': 2, 'column': 5}], 'path': ['metafieldsSet']}]


When I try to change the ownerId to 

I try to use metafieldSet but it doesn't work for onlineStorePage and onlineStoreArticle


When I try to change the ownerId to "gid://shopify/Product/1234", it works again. Why doesn't it support these 2 resources?

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It looks like metafieldsSet does not work for the following 3 ID formats. Is it a bug? Or should the format of these ID's be different?



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Try with newer api versions, I'd the same issues with company gid and using 2023-01 api version I make my day!

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OnlineStorePage still not working with 2023-04, error response persists.

Used the REST API instead.