Changing Core Value of product.description

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TLDR: An outside source is calling my product description and I need to append additional product details to the variable that it calls. These additional details are dynamically rendered according to which product is being viewed, so they do not appear in the raw description data that is being called. 



  • I have an outside source calling my product description so that it can be displayed somewhere other than Shopify.
  • I believe this outside source is calling for the description via the {{product.description}} variable and I need to be able to change that directly if possible.
  • On my website, dynamically rendered data for specific product details is stored in a metafield and displayed using {{product.metafields.custom.XXX.value}}. This data is rendered according to the selected metafield belonging to each product. i.e XXX, YYY, etc.
  • When {product.description} is called from anywhere
    (inside or outside of Shopify), I need the output to include both the original product description as well as the XXX or YYY metafield data belonging to the product. 
  • Simply capturing the output and joining it with the metafield would not work because the core {{product.description}} variable itself needs to be modified. 


I’m very green with Liquid, and coding in general, so I may be going about this incorrectly or I might be trying to do something that’s not possible.


Any input would be appreciated.

Thank you. 

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Additionally, I am not able to change which field that the outside source is calling for.